June 10th, 2019

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Hi there,

I'm selling a lot of jrock cds (and some DVDs) from older bands. Tons of limited edition or first press stuff, and a few live-limited releases as well.

I've added a lot of items from these bands:

  • born  (abnormal head machine)

  • Dezert (lots of rare out of print CDs)

  • Dir en grey (TONS of singles, rare first press DVDs)

I have stuff from these bands (with some hints of the kinds of goodies available in my sales post):

  • Dir en grey (Despair in the Womb DVD, 5 Ugly Kingdom 1st press DVD with slipcase)

  • Forbidden Days Rhapsody (Canticum the only CD they every released)

  • the GazettE (Juyonsai no naifu live-only CD, Sentimental Video VHS)

  • Girugamesh (Kuukyo no Utsuwa signed by all members, 1st press)

  • lynch. (Shadows limited edition with DVD)

  • Mucc (Aishuu with puzzle, Homura Uta 1st and 3rd press +Suiso)

  • Sadie (Dekiai live limited edition, Master of Romance limited edition with DVD)

  • Satsuki (Awake with comment CD)

  • Screw (Nanairo no Reienka, Fusion of the Core limited edition with DVD, Venom, Virus)

Take a look here!