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Sailor Moon, Blue Exorcist, Tales of Xillia, Evangelion, Phantasy Star, Macross Frontier, Pokemon

Aussie selling some anime goods.
Unsold items will be listed on ebay. Thanks for looking!

Super Sailor Chibi Moon (NEW in box)
Sailor Moon World Seramyu 6" doll series.

Blue Exorcist ichiban kuji prize F clearfile/postcard sets. (NEW in packaging)
-Bon, Shima, Konekomaru
-Mephisto, Amaimon
-Shiemi, Izumo

$6 each.

Blue Exorcist ichiban kuji prize G pin sets (NEW in packaging)
$6 each

Tales of Xillia - Jude Mathis - nendoroid petite figure (NEW in plastic)

Evangelion - Kaworu Nagisa keychain (NEW in plastic)

Phantasy Star Zero - HUnewearl trading figure (NEW in plastic)

Decal stickers - Good for decorating mobile phones/covers, nintendo DS, Sony PSP etc.

-Macross Frontier - Ranka Lee
-Evangelion - Kaworu Nagisa Version 1 - Version 2

NEW - Don't worry about the scuffs/scratches - these are on the outer packaging, not the sticker!

$7 each

Pokemon phone hangers
$4 each


  • Prices are in Australian dollars.

  • Items located in Australia.

  • Postage will be calculated after items are requested.

  • Can only accept Paypal from International buyers.

  • Australians can pay with direct deposit.

Contact me via LJ private message or email

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