Hyuu~ ♪ (dorkishgrin) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Hyuu~ ♪

WTS: Hetalia, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Manga, etc.

Hi there, I’m looking to sell some stuff (they're rather cheap too!). Also, I'm a first time seller so please bear with me! I'll possibly have more to sell if things go well.


- Paypal only!

- I ship from California.

- Able to ship on Mondays and Saturdays.

- Pictures upon request!

- Feel free to ask any questions.

- Willing to haggle at a reasonable price.

- Can also do holds.

- Shipping costs already included in the price.


Cafe Latte Rhapsody - $5 shipped

Only the Ring Finger Knows (DMP version) - $5 shipped

Ouran High School Host Club vol. 1, 2, 5 - $5 shipped each, $13 shipped for all

Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler vol. 1 - $5 shipped

Kurogane Clamp in 3D Land figure (no box) - $15 shipped

Hetalia Fanmade Sealand x Iceland button (brand new/sealed) - $5 shipped

Hetalia Fanmade Taiwan and Asia Family pencil case (brand new/sealed) - $10 shipped

Phoenix Wright/ Gyakuten Saiban Kristoph Rubber Strap (brand new/sealed) - $12 shipped

Pokemon Shitajiki with a round sticker (brand new/sealed) - $10 shipped

Junjou Egoist transparent mini clearfile (brand new/sealed) - $5 shipped

I also have a couple of freebies that I'll give to every customer until I run out! I have some Pokemon, Oofuri, Heart no Kuni no Alice, fanmade artwork, etc. You can specify or it'll be random.

Sorry in advance, will be x-posting!
Tags: collectibles, manga: english
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