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Shitajiki & Phonecards for sale oh my!!

I have scanned in and posted so far 300+ new Phonecards and 200+ new shitajiki in my e-crater shop.
~ Many are HTF and RARE ~

~☆ These items are all mint / near mint and come with sleeve.
~☆ There are only a couple phonecards that are in used condition. Those are noted as such on the individual page.
~☆ I do have a cat.
~☆ All items have been and are still stored in plastic storage bins.
~☆ These are all from NON smoking homes.

I am selling off all these new listings to new and loving homes. Please note these are all in my posession and all scans are done by me. I am NOT Trading only selling!

Feel free to send any questions you might have over my way and I will answer them for you as fast as I can. Many of the items if not all have very big pictures so the codes on the phonecards and shitajiki should be easy to see and read.

* I can and will combnine shipping.
* I will ship internationally.
* Shipping is additional to all orders in or out of the US!!

Feedback info and reviews can be found in all of these places...
~❤~ E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
~❤~ My LiveJournal: Serendipity Collections
~❤~ Serasell:
~❤~ GSJ new:
~❤~ GSJ older:

Series in this update are as follows..
Angelique, Animate promo, Aquarian Age, Arlasn, Basara, Carnelion, CLAMP series, DN Angel, Final FAntasy, From Far away, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Gravitation, Growlanser, HanaKimi, Inuhasa, K-books, KKJ, Angel Sanctuary, Langresser (18+), Loddoss War, Mayu Shinjo, Misc Shonen, Misc Shoujo series, Miyazaki series, Satoshi artwork, Orphen, Sexy girls, Sexy guys, Spiral, Star Ocean Ex, Trigun, Vampire Master (18+), Watase Yuu, Yaoi, and various other series promo's!

3x3 eyes, Air, Ami non-stop, Angelique, Arina Tanemure, Basara, Bleach, Blue seed, Canvas, CLAMP series, Cutie Honey, DN Angel, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Fushigi Yuugi, Gravitation, Gundam Seed and Destiny, Hana Yori Dango, InuYasha, K-books, Karekano, Karin, Kyo Kara Maou, Marmalade Boy, Onegai Teacher, Rurouni Kenshin, Star Ocean Ex, Studio Ghlibi, YuYu Hakusho
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