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Moving Sale!

Price reductions!

Figures, DVDs, Manga, Toys, and more from the following series:

Lucky Star
Air Gear
Sailor Moon
Pinky Street (figure series)
Death Note
Hitman Reborn
Pilot Candidate
Love Hina
Pretty Cure
Star Ocean
Dead or Alive
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shakugan no Shana
Plus BL manga and Doujinshi!

I live in the US. Please comment or message me with the items you are interested in and your location and I will give you a shipping quote!

Everything comes from a smoke free, pet free home.

 photo IMG_0485_zpsa1d9619f.jpg
Air Gear Manga in English: Volumes 1-11
In wonderful condition! Slight shelf ware but no other major flaws.

 photo IMG_0487_zpsdaedca4d.jpg
Pilot Candidate DVD series with Japanese and English Audo/Subtitles (Licensed!) 4 Volumes, Episodes 1-12 (Complete)
In like-new condition!

 photo IMG_0489_zps55842956.jpg
 photo IMG_0498_zpse7000d12.jpg
Love Hina SkyLuv Project Complete Figure Set by C Works: Figure 1-6
Each one has been opened (plastic has been pulled forward), no flaws other than Shinobu's close line pole where where bird has fallen off.
$20 each or $100 for the entire set!

 photo IMG_0499_zps75e6910a.jpg
Totoro bootleg plushies: $2 each
Harajuku Lovers Stickers: $0.50
Naru (Love Hina) Kimono figure: $8

 photo IMG_0490_zpsf19bead0.jpg
Lucky Star Kagami Figma (Winter Uniform)
Has been opened, box has a lot of ware and dented corners, figure in great condition. Contains all original items!

Lucky Star Tsukasa Figma (Winder Uniform)
Has been opened, box has a little bit of ware, figure in great condition, but missing one hand.

 photo IMG_0492_zps56214ff1.jpg
Various manga!
Love Affair: Japanese, minor shelf ware. $1
Night Head: Japanese, minor shelf ware. $1
Dragon Voice: English, minor shelf ware. $1
Descendents of Darkness volumes 1 and 2: English, minor shelf ware. $1

 photo IMG_0503_zpsa7d7ce6c.jpg
Death Note Doujinshi
All in Japanese
Garden, Paranoia, and Toy Soldiers - $15 each
Rest - $7

 photo IMG_0494_zpsa49b3afb.jpg
Shakugan no Shana Pinky.
Has been opened, includes all original items! In great condition but does have some light scuffs on the back.

 photo IMG_0493_zpsa66a5710.jpg
Tenchi Lot!
Manga in English, everything in great condition.
(Willing to separate for $2 each)

 photo IMG_0495_zps1a4d0d9b.jpg
Sailor Moon lot
Petite Figure boxes and Volume 4 in English (pages falling out!)
$3 for everything
(Willing to split for $1 each)

 photo IMG_0497_zps37ad8d35.jpg
$2 each
(Black Cure + Tuxedo Mask sold!)

 photo IMG_0496_zpsf4bb5a47.jpg
Loveless Manga in English
In great condition, just some minor shelf ware.

 photo IMG_0500_zps92d8e925.jpg
Ayashi no Ceres Artbook (Japanese)
In great condition, just very slight shelf ware.

Ranma 1/2 Artbook (English)
In great condition, just minor shelf ware.

 photo IMG_0502_zps52a70230.jpg
Code Geass Newtype Magazines and Pullout Magazine
In great condition, just minor shelf ware.

Baby and Me Artbook (Japanese)
In great condition, just minor shelf ware.

 photo IMG_0513_zps8c98548a.jpg
Gokudera Cloth Tapestry and Dynamite Pencil Case
$10 for both
Link to full photo of tapestry: http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l506/pokemonplush/IMG_0514_zpsde569089.jpg

 photo IMG_0512_zpsd5db3a2a.jpg
Gokudera belt chain, new and unopened, and Gokudera charm
$10 for both

 photo IMG_0507_zps519f6680.jpg
Hitman Reborn Doujinshi
$7 each, all in Japanese

 photo IMG_0504_zps449a88ae.jpg
 photo IMG_0505_zpsefcddc28.jpg
Star Ocean 3 Doujinshi
$7 each, all in Japanese

 photo IMG_0506_zps2e1fce25.jpg
Both in Japanese
Boys Love Artbook (SOLD)
Star Ocean 3 doujinshi - $5
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