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Manga and more

Manga in mint condition for sale. Smoke free, animal free home. Asking $4 per book. Paypal or concealed cash only. I may do trades but only for items from these series: Saiyuki(Hakkai mostly), Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, and DRRR!!.

I will calculate shipping based on amount and zip code. I prefer not to ship internationally, but will consider it if its a larger order. I generally use a bubble mailer envelope for smaller orders becuase the shipping is less, if you prefer a box, let me know.

I will provide pictures upon request.

Hot Gimmick 1-12(complete)
Pig Bride 1,2,4,5
X-Kai 1,2(complete)
Yozakura Quartet 1,2,3
YuGiOh R 1
Asch the Bloody 1
Jack the Ripper 1
Strawberry Marshmallow 2-5
Hero Tales 1
Avalon 1
Bokurano 1
Crimson Shell
Tsubasa: RC 5
Book Girl(novel) volume 1
Love Com 1-14(complete)
Kamisama Kiss 2,3,5
Code Breaker 1,2
Nabari No Ou 1,2
Kimi ni Todoki 1-6,8
Blank Slate 1,2
Haibane Renmai 1
Gunslinger Girl 1
Koi Cupid 1
Game x Rush 1,2
CAT 1,2
High School Girls 1-4
Bunny Drop 1-7(asking $6 each for this series)
Ponyo 1-2
Bakuman 1
Moyashimon 1
Jack Frost 1-2
Moon Boy 1-6
Witch Hunter 1-2,3-4 ($6 each; they're the 2-in-1 larger books)
Honey and Clover 1-5, 8
Tegami Bachi 1-9
Whistle! 1-23
Cactus's Secret 1-4
Crimson Empire
Itsuwaribito 1-8

Also for sale:

+ "L" Death Note Nendriod Figure, out of box -- $20 obo
+ Various FMA Doujin from around 2004-2006 -- All 8 for $25
+ xxxHolic DVD episodes 1-24 -- $20
+ Honey and Clover DVD box set 1(13 episodes) -- $20
Tags: anime, doujinshi, manga: english, toys
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