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Lolita & Punk Japanese Fashion Brands, SWIMMER, Stationary, and Sanrio goods!

♫♪ Hi! I'm selling a lot of authentic Japanese Gothic Lolita and Punk fashion items in my new selling journal ^___^ The brands include: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, AAtP, Bodyline, Cornet, Emily Temple Cute, FanplusFriend, Innocent World, Jane Marple, Metamorphose, Secret Shop, Shirley Temple, Suppurate System, Sweet Rococo, Heart e, Victorian Maiden, Maxicimam, h. Naoto, h. Anarchy, Gouk, Frill, Blood, h.Juliette, Petit Nao, Hangry & Angry, HN+DIE, h. Anarchysim for Plus, Black Peace Now, Peace Now, Algonquins, Sex Pot Revenge, Sexy Dynamite London, Stigmata, Super Lovers, Listen Flavor, Banana Fish, Hysteric Glamour and more!

♫♪ I also have items from Swimmer, Jetoy Choo Choo, Sanrio, along with stationary and other goods from Kamio and Q-Lia + more!

Please check it all out at:

★ Hiyokoya Sales ★
Tags: fashion: egl, fashion: general, stationery, toys

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