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BOGO FREE! All figures!

Super BOGO Sale!
Buy 1 get 1 free on all figures in this post.

Free figure is of equal or lesser value.
Prices do not include shipping. I ship worldwide from the US.
Paypal only.
ALSO Check out the tons of manga I've added as well as art books, dvds, kawaii accessories, fliers & more:
Flashy Trashy Sales

[Image: 7028434491_a4a112da27.jpg]
Little Pullip Calfy - $10
comes with all original stock, stand, and cute mini cow (free)

[Image: 8530529826_7b4fa7c58b.jpg]
Little Pullip Queen of Hearts - $10
comes with all original stock and stand

Little Apple Dolls - $15 each
each come with a mini book with their background story.
The whites on some of their clothing is slightly discolored from age. 1st & last dolls & apples = SOLD

Clamp in 3D Land figures
Series 5 Freya (Chobits) - $10
Series 3 Sumomo & Kotoko (Chobits) - $10
Series 5 Miyku-chan (in Wonderland) - $7
Series 5 Chun Hyang (Legend of Chun Hyang) - $6
Series 2 Hikaru & Misaki (Angelic Layer) - $5
Series 3 Hinata (Suki) - $3
Series Sakura (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) - $8
Series 5 Ookawa Utako (Man of Many Faces) - $3
Series 4 Seishirou (Tokyo Babylon) - $5
Series 4 Ijuuin Akira (Man of Many Faces)- $3
Series 2 Syaoran (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) - $8
Series 4 Doumeki (xxxholic) - $6
Series 6 Ijjuin Akira (Clamp School Detectives) - $3

Chobits Yuzuki figure - $4
Chobits Chii on couch, exclusively came with final volume of manga - $15
Chobits Chii in bathtub figure - $5

Full Metal Panic Kaname Chidori Monsieur Bome figure - $25
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Tessa special figure - $7
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Kaname figure - $5

He Is My Master Izumi & Pochi chibi figure - $5
He Is My Master Izumi dressing self figure - $5

Disgaea Laharl blind box figure - $10

TRC Sakura maid cafe figure, comes with original box - $6
one of the foot pegs has broken off in to stand
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