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21 April 2013 @ 02:23 pm
Yugioh Card sale! Black Luster-Envoy of the begnning, Tour Guide, Plaguespreader, and Holo Staples.  
Hello everyone!!

Today I bring you a massive Yugioh Card Update! I've decided to sell off my decks in full OR piece them out. I've run a few of these in tournaments and they were fun but it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

If a whole deck is purchased at once, I'll take 30-40% off the end price! Again, I just want the decks gone. I have the following decks up for sale -- either pieced out or as a whole:

Fortune Lady deck: Complete with 3 of each Fortune Lady, 3x Fortune's Future, and 3x Future Visions! + More like Tour Guid of the Underworld, Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Beginning, and Plaguespreader Zombie.

Burn Deck - Bad Reaction to Simochi: Complete with 3x Bad Reaction to Simochi, 3x Gift cards, 3x Toon Tables, 3x Upstart Goblin, 3x Nurse Reflicule the Fallen one, 3x Marsmallon, And Morphing Jar and more! This deck is my most complete one, with a side and extra deck included. Extra deck includes Black Rose Dragon, and Wind Ups.

Naturia Deck - Naturia Cherries, Beans, and Mosquito: 3x Naturia Cherries, 3x Naturia Beans, 3x Naturia Mosquito, 3x Naturia Clif, Naturia Beast, Naturia Barkion, and more! This deck has a lot of tech in it as well, like Forbidden Lance.

Ice Barriers - Gantalla/Defender rush: x3 Gantalla of the ice barrier, x2 Dai-sojo of the ice barrier, x3 Defender of the ice barrier, x2 Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier, Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness, Royal Decree (super), x3 Medallion of the Ice Barrier.

Old SchooL Spellcaster deck: x3 Blizzard Princess, and various other fiends, spell casters, and more! I do have a Secret Village of the Spellcasters in this deck as well!

Each deck I've attempted on foiling out so a lot of the Traps and Magic cards ARE RARE HOLO's. Looking for something to foil out your deck? Chances are I probably have it.

I also have up for straight sale a full binders worth. Just come take a look! A lot of my straight sales have to do with the decks but not all. I have Secret Rare, Super, Ultra, and Ultimate's on sale. I am Open to Haggling! I want these gone quickly so I'm discounting a lot of everything. The more you buy, the more discount you receveie. Remember, if you buy a deck it'll be nearly half off!

I also have Pokemon Sales as well!

Click HERE for Other sales !

Thank you!!!