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21 April 2013 @ 05:13 pm
Jrock , doujinshi sale, and group jrock buy  
Jrock sale
Brand new unopened, official releases
from Phantasmagoria, Lin-end of corruption world-, Dali, Syndrome and more!
Photosets, stickers and other goods.
Group buy info to order items from Japan only shops

------>Follow the Fake cut for more info<-------


Doujin without a price is listed here on ebay

Hetalia Top left to right:
「xx無理矢理系xx」 by HAKKA PINK
タンクトップラヴァーズ by cocca
おカタイ恋人。by OtogameHeart

Nightmare by Saori Aoi (HughesxRoy)
Perfect blue by Kissed B (Gen) -$12
Snow Smile by KIKE:Denki-hitsuji-Dori (HavocxRoy) - $10
Love&Hate by [Sigma] (RoyxEd) - $7
Puchi*Buru HavocxRoy - $7

No More Sentimental by prt (Harry Potter)
The Kingdom of Slytherin: Episode Red Dash - $10
James x Severus catelog by prt and others
Difference Notion Admix by Yukai Hashida (DMC) - $10
Alter Ego by MicroMacro (FF7)