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23 April 2013 @ 07:36 pm
Manga sale!  

I'm from Finland

Buyer will pay my via paypal+paypal's fees

I'm not resbonsible of the lost or damaged packet.

My feedbacks are here, here and here.

Every mangas are in english.

My prices are if € and shipping isn't included in prices.


WEED vol. 2, 10€

Jazz. vol. 1, 10€

Vampire knight set vol. 1-3, 20€

Captain Tsubasa vol.2, 10€

Chobits vol. 1, 10€

God Child vol.1, 10€


Wolf's Rain set vol.1-2, 15€ ON HOLD

Nabari no Ou set vol.1-3, 25€

Loveless set vol.1-4, 25€

Pandora Hearts set vol.1-2, 13€

Kuroshitsuji set vol.1-2, 13€

Current Location: Finland