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26 April 2013 @ 03:45 pm
jrock, visual kei items and magazines  
Hello !

I've added new items to my Jrock sales, including tour goods (pamphlets, bandanna, wristband, etc), photobooks, official posters and more !
You can check the sales on my livejournal, at meteoriteflux :

- Dir en grey related sales : http://meteoriteflux.livejournal.com/923.html (last updated : april 16th)
- Dir en grey items & Jrock/ Visual Magazine I am selling for a friend (Arena 37°c, Fool's Mate, UV and more): http://meteoriteflux.livejournal.com/8206.html (last updated : april 21th)

I'm also still selling other items :

- Merry related sales : http://meteoriteflux.livejournal.com/1281.html
- Jrock, Visual and Jpop CDs : http://meteoriteflux.livejournal.com/2386.html
- Jrock, Visual magazines (not the same as my friend's sale) : http://meteoriteflux.livejournal.com/2043.html
- Japanese brand clothes : http://meteoriteflux.livejournal.com/1692.html

Thanks for looking ! :-)