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Visual kei posters, magazines, CDs for sale

I'm trying to clear out space and earn some money for upcoming medical procedures (getting teeth cut out is always fun) in addition to replacing my iPod that decided to go swimming one day. I've got posters, CDs, photobooks, and others things for sale. All prices include US shipping. Message me for international shipping, and tracking/insurance if you want to add that.

You can find the majority of my stuff on Facebook:

I also have some things on eBay:

I have a lot more stuff (mostly magazines), but haven't taken pictures yet. Message me or comment for proof photos if you're interested in anything listed under the cut.

This is the most expensive thing I'm selling: X Japan Returns DVD box set. It includes photos, liner notes, and a special bonus disc featuring the PV for "I.V.". Never watched, discs and books are in perfect condition. One DVD case has a broken holder (the little plastic piece in the center that holds the disc down). It arrived that way, but the disc itself is fine. Region 2 DVDs (7 total). Asking $210 (including shipping to US). Pictures below the cut.

Thanks for looking!

X Japan Returns DVD box set

XJ Returns1
XJ Returns2
XJ Returns
XJ Returns


Cosmode (Japanese) issues 20-23 (shelf wear, minor damage to spine corners, otherwise fine condition, patterns included) - $35 each

Gothic Lolita Bible (Japanese) volume 21, summer 2006 (patterns included, minor shelf wear on spine corners, otherwise fine condition) - $15

Arena 37C July 2007 (feat. Gackt), Nov. 2007 (feat. Alice nine), and Special January 2008 (feat. UVERworld and Naozumi Takahashi) - $25 each

Fool’s Mate Sept. 2007 and Feb. 2008, both featuring Yoshiki - $25 each

Shoxx vol. 149 (Miyavi, 2005), 166 (SID, 2006), 171 (2007, alice nine.), 179 (2008, alice nine.), and Shock Wave no. 4 (feat. Yoshiki) - $25 each

Cure USA (English) issue 1 feat. Yoshiki - $4

Cure (Japanese) volumes 22 (2005, alice nine.), 26 (2005, ???), 29 (2005, Lareine), 33 (2006, D), 39 (2006, An Café), 47 (2007, Phantasmagoria), 55 (2008, Versailles and Dio), 59 (2008, ayabie and Deathgaze), 62 (2008, Wizard and ???) - $20 each

Alamode Magazine vol. 1 feat. Takuya Angel, includes Darkest Labyrinth promo CD - $6

PopJNeo feat. Sugizo (English) - $5

Purple Sky (English) summer 2007 (Miyavi) and winter 2008 (Versailles) $5 each (or $8 together)

Unknown magazines feat. Kaya and Versailles (selling together) - $7

Mad Tea Party March 2007 - $8

Chu (English) feat. Kanon - $2.50


HYDE & Gackt: Moon Child - $55

alice nine. Summer Tour 2006 [Hello, New Super View] and 2nd Oneman Tour Zekkeishoku - $20 each

Tokyo Rock Catwalk (English) - $15

Miyavi Bon Anniversaire France photobook (with slipcover) - $60

Miyavi in USA - $45

Miyavi “Ongaku” photo/story book (Japanese) - $30

Unknown Miyavi photobook (pre-Neo Visualizm) - $35
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