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Manga Clearout! (+DVDs)

I need these gone! I don't read them, and they're just wasting space sitting in my room. I'd much rather them be owned by someone who will get some use out of them.

Here (EGL) and Here (GSJ) is my feedback.
I am located in the United States.
I only accept payments through PayPal.
I only ship within the United States.
I ship via USPS Standard Shipping.

Vol. 2-7, 11-24 ~ $4.00 per volume, any 5 for $15.00
Everything is used but in good condition! VOLUMES 1, 9, 25, & 26 HAVE BEEN SOLD
Vol. 1-7 Vol. 9 & 11-17 Vol. 18-22 Vol. 23 - 26

Vol. 1 & 2 ~ $3.00 per volume, both for $5.00
These books have visible though minimal wear. Two people have owned them before me, which accounts for them being slightly more worn. VOLUMES 3-8 HAVE BEEN SOLD
Vol. 1 & 2

Sakura Taisen
Vol. 1 ~ $3.50
This book was owned by two other people before it reached me; it is used but in good condition!
Vol. 1

Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
Vol. 1 ~ $4.00
The front cover is dog-eared in the top left corner, but it's been sitting in my bookcase for so long that it's flattened out and is barely noticeable.
Vol. 1

Alice in the Country of Hearts
Vol. 1 ~ $5.00
This book is in excellent condition and is like new.
Vol. 1

Death Note movies
Death Note ~ $5.00
Death Note: The Last Name ~ $5.00
L: Change the WorLd ~ SOLD
If you need anymore pictures, just ask!
Death Note Death Note: The Last Name
Tags: franchise: death note, manga: english, movies
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