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cosplays, wall scrolls, posters, figurines+Chara Fortune and manga


  • Prices are in USD

  • I will ship internationally as long as you pay

  • Payment plans up to 2 months are allowed for a 30% deposit

  • Paypal only

  • No trades for now. Sorry!

Fem!South italy cosplay
Female South Italy cosplay. Comes with a waist tie (not shown).
Wore once for 2 hours at a meetup and then washed.
Will iron out any wrinkles before shipping. $50+shipping

Robin Ciel cosplay. Comes with dress, hat, gloves, petticoat, and choker.
Worn once for 5 hours at a con.
Back has corset lacing and a concealed zipper. $230 + shipping (willing to negotiate price)

Durarara!! and Vocaloid wall scrolls. I need to measure them again, but they're HUGE!!
The short side of each of them are about 25 inches (64 cm).
each: $50 shipped in the US, $60 shipped internationally

Russia print
Prints by unknown artist. Each print is 13"x19" (33x48 cm).
Russia: $22 shipped in the US, $27 shipped internationally
Kagamine twins (set of 2 prints): $27 shipped in the US, $33 internationally
Buy all 3 for $45 shipped in the US, $50 shipped internationally

Cartoongirl7/myrollingstar posters. Each print is 11"x17" (28 cm x 43 cm)
each: $20 shipped in the US, $25 shipped internationally
Buy both for $35 shipped in the US, $40 shipped internationally

Amakase Minatsu figurine
About 5 inches tall.
Her hat and scarf are removable and her head turns.
$10 + shipping

Mugi figurine
About 6 inches tall.
She comes with her stand and bag.
$10 + shipping

Buy both figurines for $15 + shipping

Macross Frontier Miss China ver. Chara Fortune fasteners
$6+shipping each or $85+shipping for all of them

Each: $10+shipping
Buy all 3 for $25 + shipping

Tags: collectibles, fashion: cosplay, manga: english, posters, toys
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