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★Clearing out part of my collection! -updated on 17/06 with more items!

Hello! i'm selling some art books, doujinshis and anime merchandise! :)
Things to take note:
i'll be shipping the items and doujinshis from Singapore and i only take payments from paypal. i don't do holds currently but if you really need me to hold the item then let me know and we can arrange something :) prices are negotiable, feel free to ask!
here's my feedback page.

Contact me through commenting here/ PM-ing me/emailing me at
Do note that i only ship once a week so it may take a while for me to ship your package. sorry for the inconvenience :<
For more detailed information about shipping, etc click here.

On to the items:
shipping cost is excluded from the price stated Ver.8+CE by Miwa Shirow
Description: contain illustrations and some BW sketches
Condition: Great
Language: Japanese
Size/Pages: A4/44
Sample pages: Sample1
Price: Make an offer

蝴蝶梦 touhou art book
Description: contain illustrations of yuyuko and youmu
Condition: Great -with some minor wears on the edges of the book
Language: Chinese
Size/Pages: A4/56
Sample pages: Sample
Price: $18
Note: for the doujinshi lots, click on the title for the sample images from toranoana, etc :)

Usonaki Alice lot
Titles (from left to right): Love sickness, Happiness Holic, すみません、いい加減暑苦しいです
Circle: Usonaki Alice
Price: $22 for the lot

Kise x Kuroko lot
Titles (from left to right): 黄瀬くんの処方箋, A better sweet
Circles (from left to right): OOPS, mememery
Price: $12 for the lot

Akashi x Kuroko lot
Titles (from left to right): 胸に沈めた悪魔 (full-coloured comic), Catastrophe, ???
i don't have the toranoana link for the doujin on the right so i link it to the artist's pixiv instead
Circles (from left to right): 辰, Fs
Price: $20 for the lot

Gintama doujins by a-sa (selling them as a set)
series: Gintama
Condition: Great
Language: Korean
Size/Pages: B5/20 pages each
Sample pages: none at the moment
Price: $9 for both

oversoul! by jerom
series: Gintama
Condition: Great
Language: Korean
Size/Pages: B5/32
Sample pages: Sample1
Price: $5

Parallel by oly (hijikata x okita)
series: Gintama
Condition: Great
Language: Japanese
Size/Pages: B5/36
Sample pages: Sample1
Price: $7

Snivy mini pokedoll keychain
Price: $10

Pandora Hearts Oz keychain
Price: $9

Otoya (school ver.): $7
Otoya (stage costume ver.): $7
Tokiya (stage costume ver.): $7
Natsuki (school ver.): $5
or buy all four for $22!

thanks for looking! ^^
Tags: artbooks, doujinshi
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