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ALL PRICES LOWERED, ALL MUST GO!!! For sale: Sexpot Revenge skirts, shirts, Brand lolita & loliables


*Paypal payments only please
*HOLDS - I will do holds with a $5 deposit (non-refundable and up to two weeks)
*TRADES - Only for Berserk manga volumes (released by Dark Horse) 19+, and MARS volume 1; may consider the lolita brand releases of Pullip dolls as well as Volks Dollfie Dream doll parts/accessories
*Whoever leaves Paypal e-mail first will get the item; OBO (or best offer)
*Please reply with Zip Code/Country for shipping quote
*I prefer NOT to ship internationally at this time. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE RIGHT NOW. EVEN FROM THE U.S. TO CANADA. U.S. shipping is high enough as it is, I would really not want to deal with overseas shipping right now due to financial strain.
*If you are a little short of my asking price, please feel free to make a reasonable offer. I may consider offers as long as they aren't too much lower.

*FEEDBACK: My gsj_feedback page:
I also have feedback on my main journal page, as well as on egl_feedback; there are clickable links in my gsj_feedback page :)

★Item Name: Putumayo Usa-mimi Hoodie - Bust: 32-35 inches
★Price: $30 USD + Shipping
★Condition: Good
★Item Description: Used, no rips, stains, or tears. The lace just needs a good ironing + starching.

★Item Name: Sexpot Revenge STUDS 2WAY Tulle Skirt (skirt + petti + garters - can be worn several different ways!)
★Price: $70 USD + Shipping
★Condition: New without tags (I have the tags somewhere but I seem to have misplaced them. If you really need them I can hunt around for them)
★Size: Waist 64cm x Skirt Length 30cm x Tulle Skirt Length 40cm
★Item Description: Brand new, tried on once. Originally purchased directly through CD Japan.


★Item Name: Alice and the Pirates Shirt - Size S (32 to 34 inches bust size)
★Price: $15 USD + Shipping (Or I'll just throw it in for free if you buy the AaTP cardigan below)
★Condition: Good
★Item Description: Used, no rips, stains, or tears. A little fading.

★Morbid Threads blue tartan mini skirt
★Size: 0 (about 24-26 inch waist)
★Price: $20 + shipping
★Condition: Excellent
★Item Description: Used, no rips, stains, or tears. No fading or much sign of any wear! It would be so good for a NANA cosplay!!! Or just to add some cute punkiness to your wardrobe!

★Item Name: H&M Loliable Dress - Size 10 (UK) (Bust: 35 inches)
★Price: $50 USD + Shipping
★Condition: Excellent
★Item Description: Got this in a trade very recently, The dress is in pristine condition. No rips, stains, or tears; like new. I meant to do an alteration project to make it smaller, but I lost motivation. On to a new home!

H&M's photo:

★Item Name: Prisila Forelock (front) and Poodle (back) Wig
★Price: $60 USD + Shipping
★Condition: Great
★Item Description: Worn twice for my youtube videos, about 30 min at a time. There are minimal flyaways.


★Item Name: Miwako Wig (Pink; Consists of base wig and two pony tail falls)
★Price: $50 USD + Shipping
★Condition: Excellent
★Item Description: Worn once for a Miwako Sakurada cosplay from Paradise Kiss and another time in a youtube cover video (for about 30min). In really great condition, this is such a cute wig, would look great with vkei, punk, or lolita, why limit it to cosplay?

★Item Name: AaTP Marine Short Sleeve Cardigan
☆Color: Navy
★Price: $70 USD + Shipping
★Condition: New with tags
★Item Description: New with tags, never worn, just tried on. Bought directly from BTSSB's outlet page.
★Measurements =
Length of sleeves:20.5cm(8.07inch)

★Item Name: Moi-même-Moitié Chiffon blouse - Size XS-M (Bust: 32-36 inches; stretchy; yoke waisted, meaning from the underbust down it's made of a cutsew material, great for wearing under corsetted skirts/jsks)
★Price: $120 USD + Shipping
★Condition: Excellent, like-new
★Item Description: Recently got this in a trade, but I really don't need any more white blouses.

I'll throw one of these in for free with a minimum purchase of $70. Just remind me.
★Gothic Lolita Punk Artbook - $15 + shipping
★Gosu Rori Pattern book (book only, no pattern sheet) - $10 + shipping

Happy Shopping!
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