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Wagamama-Rama: A Shopping Service From Japan

Hello! Wagamama-Rama is a shopping service dedicated to help you buy things you can only get in Japan. I live about 10 minutes by train from a major shopping area called Machida (home of 109 Machida) and 20-30 minutes by train from Shinjuku. I will do my best to help you find anything you would want to buy and send it to you!

I'm willing to buy clothes, books, CDs, games, DVDs, stationary, manga...pretty much anything. But please nothing too graphic! However, I will do my best for BL stuff.

Please check here for my feedback.

How to Order
You can either reach me through a message here on LJ or email me at wagamamarama [at] gmail [dot] com. Please fill out this information when contacting me:
Link to any buyer feedback pages: (LJ, eBay, etc. Please note if you don't have one)
Paypal Address:
Item(s) Wanted:
Item Source: (websites, store locations, etc)

Shopping Process and Payment
For those with positive feedback pages: As soon as I can confirm I can obtain the items you desire, I will go shopping for you. Once I'm back, I will weigh your items to get an estimate for the shipping and then send you an invoice. This invoice will include the price of the items, commission, train fare (if applicable), shipping, and Paypal fee. Please ask if you would like me to give you an initial estimate (though I may not be able to include an estimate for the price of shipping).
For those without a feedback page: I will send you an initial invoice which will include only the price of the items you desire and Paypal fee. I will then only go shopping once I receive the initial payment. Once items are bought I will weigh them and send you a second invoice which will include commission, train fares (if applicable), shipping, and the Paypal fee for that invoice. Please ask if you would like me to give you an initial estimate (though I may not be able to include an estimate for the price of shipping). For repeat customers, the same rules as those with positive feedback will apply.
Please note that each invoice will be calculated to include the Paypal fee. I will be using the PayPal Fee Calculator to calculate this.

Commission Fees
For orders under $50, commission is $3 per item + 15% of the total order in yen, not including shipping.
Orders over $50 are a flat 15% of the total order in yen, not including shipping.
Orders over $100 are a flat 10% of the total order in yen, not including shipping.
Total commission will be calculated after I have bought all of your items and am ready to invoice you for the final shipping cost. The commission will not include the shipping price, although depending on what you buy handling fees may apply (see below).

For products that can easily be found lined up on a shelf such as makeup products, if you buy multiple products that are all available at a single store, I will only count the first item for the $3 charge for orders under $50. For example, if you want to buy 5 makeup products and your order is under $50, there will only be one $3 charge so long as I get them all at one time at the same store.

For mailbox services, I will charge a $10 flat fee with additions for size and weight, however this only applies if you are the one charging the amount to your own credit card. If when ordering on an online website the amount is charged to my credit card, I will consider this as me being the one shopping and thus the fees listed above will still apply. Please remember that in either case shipping fees will still apply.

Extra handling fees may apply if the items are very heavy, since I will be carrying the items by hand to the post office.

I can send items by EMS (3-5 days), Airmail (8 days to 2 weeks), or Economy Airmail (SAL) (2-4 weeks). The price of shipping will vary depending on the weight of your items, so I will inform you of the price after I have weighed your order. I will mark your package as a gift. Only EMS offers tracking and insurance. I am in no way responsible for what happens to your order once it leaves my hands.

Other Information

  • My bank is American so all prices will be converted to US Dollars. Payment must also be sent in US Dollars.

  • If you aren't sure where the item can be found, I will do my best to find out for you! :)

  • I cannot buy items from auction sites at this time.

  • I am willing to accept orders from an online store, however I would prefer if you use me as a mailbox service. I can translate the checkout page for you if you show me a screen cap. So in other words, you order the items and ship them to my address here in Japan. Once I receive the items, I can ship the items to you. Commission and overseas shipping fees will still apply.

  • Transportation fees (train fare) may be applied.

  • If the item is sold out when I go to buy it after payment, I will refund you in full. Or I can help you find a similar item you might like to buy instead.

  • Stores here do not accept returns. Therefore, you cannot cancel your order once I have purchased your items.

  • Extra fees may be applied if you change your order after I've already finished buying everything you have requested and ask me to go run out and buy more things.

  • While I am willing to go to events to get items (like fukubukuro), I will charge $10 per hour I wait in line. I will stand in line for ONLY the amount of time we agree upon beforehand. If there is an entrance fee, that must be paid by you. If I find the event to be incredibly taxing on me either physically or emotionally, I will charge extra.

  • I can help you find the latest information on your favorite brands. Feel free to leave a comment, message me privately or email me.

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