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LJ’s largest Gazette sale!

So, I decided that it was time to start culling some of my collection. Up for grabs are a range of goodies, some common and some super, super rare! I’ve got everything from CD’s to posters, magazines to photobooks. I have merchandise including phone straps, shoes, handbags, a scarf, collector cards, guitar picks AND MORE, some from as far back as 2005! I even have a photo personally signed by all members.

Also I’m taking expressions of interest for the ever elusive Ruki x GemCerey ‘Shiver’ bracelet.

Things to note before following the link…

Buying and shipping:

* I am located in Brisbane, Australia. I ship internationally.
* I accept AUD only, via paypal or, for those in Australia, Direct Deposit.
* I DO NOT accept concealed cash.
* I can hold the items for you for a maximum period of 4 days ^_^
* Prices do not include shipping and paypal fees will form part of your invoice
* ALL shipping quotes will be for sea mail (the cheapest) unless otherwise asked. I can and will do airmail, express and registered at buyers expense. Sea mail can take up to three months as opposed to Air Mail which will arrive to most places within one week.
* Shipping costs will vary depending on the location and the size and weight of the items purchased.
* I can ship insured and provide tracking at extra cost (paid by the buyer).
* I work a lot and crazy hours. So please be patient with replies. Also, due to shift work commitments, I generally only get to the post office once a week. I will let you know what days I am expecting to go. If you pay the day after I’ve just been then chances are you’ll have a 4-5 day wait before I’m able to ship your item. Please keep this in mind!
* I WILL reply to our thread or PM once your item is on its way, so you won’t be left in the dark.
* I STRONGLY suggest using registered post for more expensive/rare goods. I will not be held responsible for any items lost in the mail or broken and refunds will not be given. Seamail CAN NOT be tracked if it goes missing. Neither can Air Mail. You can purchase tracking and insurance and I do encourage this.


* I feel my asking prices are very reasonable however I’m open to price negotiations when you’re purchasing more than one item.
* Please check this selling journal for more amazing (and often rare) items by other great bands!

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