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07 July 2013 @ 08:52 pm
Lowered prices, need the space!  
Photos: http://s106.photobucket.com/user/clover_david78/story/17931

Hi there, I've assembled the photos onto a Photobucket Story and lowered prices for most of the items. They have been around the place for a while and my sister+I would really like to let them go asap.

Waka'okami-san wa Shougakusei!
Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshirou Jiken
Note vol.7 (part 1)
Furoku from Nakayoshi magazine.
Waka'okami-san: Art by Oouchi Eiko, original story by Reijou Hiroko.
Meitantei: art by Enue Kei, original story by Hayamine Kaoru.

Both in average condition. Have both for 4USD.

Canaan double-sided shitajiki
Fate/unlimited codes Portable double-sided shitajiki

Never used but there's storage wear. Both were furoku from gaming magazines. Looking for 7USD each.
I have 2 pieces for Canaan and 1 for Fate/unlimited codes. :3

UVERworld - Neo Sound Best (limited pressing)
Execellent condition. CD and DVD has been played less than 5 times. Original packaging is still intact.
Looking for 37USD.

Hana to Akuma Mail-In Drama CD
Excellent condition.
It contains a scenario book and a plastic case on top of the CD.\
Offer your best price.

Root Double Before Crime*After Days
For the Japanese Xbox360. CERO C rating.
Originally shrink-wrapped, I took it out and opened it 3 times.
Looking for 65USD. Selling this so I can buy the PS3 version ^^/

LaLa January 2009
Suitable for reading since everything is quite worn, there's dirt and there are marks where my brother took a mathematical compass to poke through the back cover.

Animedia September 2007
Front and back covers are worn. Contents are still okay. The pin-up is still attached

LaLa July 2009
Reading copy. It's better than the other magazines but there are a few marks here and there.
(magazines don't include furoku ^^ prices are up for offers ~)

Kaichou ha Maid-sama! clear file from a book fair held by Hakusensha. Never used, still inside their original packaging. They include a flyer inside them. I have 2 copies :3

Items would be shipped via registered seamail (heavier items would take longer than 2-3 weeks) and payment via PayPal.

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