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Pia Carrot, Akihabara Ichiman, Hideyuki Kikuchi, YEN PLUS+ and more!

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I am selling a bunch of mangas and novels.
In English as well as in Japanese.
If you are interested click for more:

Pia Carrot e youkoso G.O. Grand Open
language: japanese
genre: echi, harem, humor, romance
state: new
lenght: two-volumed ->completed
manga based on a famous PC game(s)
Price: 10euro for both (=> only 5 each!)
photo: above

Akihabara Ichiman
language: japanese
genre: echi, humor, romance
state: new
lenght: one-volume -> completed
Price: 5euro
photo: at demand

Hideyuki Kukichi novel
A wind named amnesia / Invader summer
two novels in one book!
language: english
lenght: +-300pages
Price: 15 euro

The Apocalypse didn't end with a BANG, but with a whimper. Silently, the 'amnesia wind' swept away all of mankind's knowledge. Thousands of years of human civilization vanished overnight as people forgot how to use the tools of modern civilization; who they were, how to speak - everything! Technology decayed as mankind was reduced to an extremely primitive level. Two years after the devastation, a young man explores a nation reduced to barbarism: America. Miraculously re-educated after the cataclysm, he is accompanied by a young woman - somehow spared the obliterating effects of the amnesia wind. Pursued by a relentless killing machine, they search for those responsible for stealing their memories.

PiG magazines
magazines about manga, anime and PC games
language: english
pagination: +-60 eachPrice
Price: 4euros for both

October 2008
state: new!
pagination: +-300 pages
price: 9euros

- I ship from Europe
- Payment via paypal only, Germany - concealed cash possible (but the shipping is higher! note that)
- I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items - all items above are new (100% condition)
- The shipping varies, but usually it is around 6euros for air mail with insurance and local tracking number.
- I ship everywhere in the world as long as the buyer will shield the shipping costs.
- All buyers will be given some little freebies :)
- All photos on demand. Serious buyers only!

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