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[Japan-Je] Sales + PreOrder Corner

Hello Minna! ^^
Japan-Je is located in Singapore / Malaysia and sometimes hopping around in Japan as well. This is an online shop for all JE artist. Newcomers may run through my General FAQ before you place an order.  I offer Bidding Services / Ticketing Services & Special Request Services.  If you are new to JE and wish to collect some of their Past Concert Goods, you may refer to this post for Arashi, or this post for other Johnny's Groups. My feedbacks can be found here.

Payment Method : POSB [Singapore] / RHB & MayBank [Malaysia] / Paypal & Western Union [International]
LJ : http://japan-livejournal.com
Shopping Site : http://japanje.weebly.com/
Twitter : http://twitter.com/japanje
FaceBook : http://facebook.com/japanje
Sales Corner (Price are quoted in SINGAPORE DOLLARS)
* Waku Waku Bookmark [Ohno / Sho / Aiba / Nino / Jun] - S$4 each
* POPCORN Album [LE / JP Ver] - S$55
* ARAFES 2012 T Shirt - S$100.     *** FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! ***
* BW Hair Tie [SET / All 5pcs] - S$80
* 5x10 Hp Strap SET - S$200
* 5x10 Hp Strap [Fukuoka] - S$55
* TIME Hp Strap - S$55
* Arashi/Kanjani8 FC Pamphlet - S$10 each
* Ohno's FREESTYLE T Shirt [Red] - S$75
* HITACHI White Bear (MatsuJun CM) - S$50
* Hana Yori Dango F Hp Strap - S$25
* KAT-TUN BTR Keychain - S$25
* KAT-TUN Looking 2005 Hp Strap - S$35

PreOrder Kanjani8 7-11 Lottery Goods [Batch 2]
Dateline : 31st July 2013

PreOrder 24hr TV Goods [Batch 2]
Dateline : 31st July 2013
Newly added 24hr Clearfiles, NoteBook & Tote Bag~

PreOrder SHO 謎解きはディナーのあとで Movie Goods
Dateline : 1st August 2013
More official goods added!! Clearfiles, Mini Towel, Eraser & more... ...

PreOrder ARAFES 2013 Concert Goods
Dateline : 15th Sept 2013
EARLY BIRD Special!!! All payment will have to be in within 3 days after orders have been placed!
Limited quantities for the EARLY BIRD Special Price!

PreOrder your Arafes Goods at Japan-JE & STAND A CHANCE TO WIN AN ARASHI BRACELET!!! 5 Bracelets to be given away!!!
As we all know Arashi is having too much goods out, I am offering a payment of 50% as deposit for ARAFES.
Buyers can split the payment into 2. Email me for more details.
* Jumbo Uchiwa - S$12 [Approx 850Yen]
* Clearfiles [A / B] - S$12 [Approx 850Yen]
* Photo Set - S$13 [Approx 900Yen ]
* Tote Bag - S$25 [Approx 1800Yen]
* Key Cover Set - S$21 [Approx 1500Yen]
* Cup & Ice Tray [Orange/Blue/Red] - S$20 [Approx 1400Yen]
* T Shirt - S$45 [Approx 3200Yen]
* Hooded Long Muffler Towel - S$45 [Approx 3200Yen]
* Beads Cushion - S$25 [Approx 1800Yen]
* Wall Stickers - S$12 [Approx 850Yen]
* Penlight - S$22 [Approx 1600Yen]
* Amazing Glasses - S$12 [Approx 850Yen]
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