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22 July 2013 @ 01:30 pm
Tales Series Straps Sales  

Tales of straps+figures
I accept Paypal only and do not ship internationally atm. Shipping+Paypal Fees(2.9%+.30) are not included and will be determined.

  • Tales of Xilla 2 Rowen Strap $7 (New in plastic)
  • Tales of Xilla 2 Musee Strap $7 (New in plastic)
  • Tales of Xilla 2 Alvin Strap $7 (New in plastic)
  • Tales of Symphonia Strap Colette $10 (New in plastic)
  • Small Tales of Vesperia Towel $15 (New but not in original packaging)
  • Tales of Symphonia Lloyd Gel Strap $10
  • Tales of Vesperia Estelle $7
  • Tales of Destiny Leon $7
  • Tales of Abyss Luke Figure $10

  •  photo 100_0273.jpg photo 100_0274.jpg
     photo 100_0275.jpg photo 100_0276.jpg
     photo 100_0277.jpg