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WTB: No. 6 Designs & Artworks by toi8

First post and it's a WTB, of course.

This is a long shot and a last resort, really, but I haven't been able to locate any individual sellers who have this artbook in their sales posts as of the past month (I've seen two or three sellers in the past six months to a year who have sold this book in less than a week's time, so bad timing on my part); eBay has this for around 100USD (typical), and I'm hoping for something more affordable considering it was originally 1800yen orz Cover image shown below (click-through to Amazon JP page).


(Outside of auctions (there is one Japanese shop selling it at 3500yen, but there are no details or photos /wary; I'd also like to skip proxy fees if possible...), all the shops appear to be sold out (unless Seven Net Shopping is bluffing, although 'arrival/announcement' isn't very indicative of stock quantity and I don't have an account with them to check). eBay's auctions do not dip below 80USD before shipping--one copy on eCrater is 69 euros, the other copy is 50USD but I need to double check with them to make sure that they even have this on hand, as their customer feedback is skewed with reports of items not being available after payment or items being mishandled in shipping... (EDIT: the owner contacted me saying that it was actually a used copy they decided to mark up to 109USD) /why is this so hard)

Does anyone in this community OR does anyone in this community know of anyone who is willing to part with this lovely artbook for a reasonable price? Feel free to comment or PM.
Tags: artbooks, collectibles, wanted

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