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05 August 2013 @ 04:24 pm
DS: Brand New Cyperous Wig  

  • Located in Wisconsin
  • Items come from a clean, smoke-free home
  • US buyers preferred
  • Paypal preferred
  • Feedback here.

Cyperous Wig: $60
Official Item Page

I bought this wig about two weeks ago and just picked it up today at the post office, and sadly it really doesn't suit me. It's a gorgeous wig - very thick, but for the price I paid I really need to love it! Instead I'm very much on the fence, and I think something a tad shorter would look better on me.

This wig is brand new, tried on once for a grand total of maybe 15 minutes. I paid a total of almost $90 - the shipping fee was brutal, sadly. The left side of this wig looks a little less "curled" (beneath the chin) to me. Frankly neither side looks as curled as it does in the stock photos, but as you can style Cyperous wigs with heat, you can adjust this if desired. PLEASE NOTE - the wig appears black in my photos due to the lighting, but it is in fact a DARK BROWN. Dark enough that it can appear black in dim lighting.

From the Cyperous website:
■item code: F326-712
■size:front 17cm / side 29cm / back 29cm