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J-Rock CD and DVD Sale!! :D

It's time for me to pay some bills. Which means it's time for some stuff to go! Click on the link (at the end of the text and NOT the picture) to see prices on every item pictured below :)

 photo 00e3cd56-21c9-4b65-81a9-fd57b624905d.jpg

Music from:

- Gackt
- Malice Mizer
- Moi dix Mois
- Miyavi
- hide. (zilch)
- L'arc~en~ciel
- Versailles
- Dir en Grey
- D'espairsRay
- Miyavi
- LM.C
- T.M. Revolution
- Psycho le cemu
- High and Mighty Color
- Klaha (of Malice Mizer)
- Kisaki (of Phantasmagoria)

- Each item is first come, first serve :)

- Prices are negotiable, however, I priced most of them fairly low to begin with so I apologize if I don't budge much.

- Item prices do NOT include shipping. If you're interested in an item (or items), please reply with your address (zip code if within the US) and I will reply with a total and my Paypal email.

- I accept Paypal ONLY.

- All items are in great condition (unless otherwise stated). Sorry for the all in one picture. Individual pictures available upon request if neccessary.

- Items marked "MAKE ME AN OFFER" are items that i'm a little reluctant to sell. It doesn't mean that I won't sell them. It just means it would take a special number to get me to part with them.

Moi dix Mois "Dixanadu -Fated "raison d'etre"- Europe Tour 2007" Region 2 DVD - $20

Moi dix Mois "Lamentful Miss" First Press 5 Track CD (w/obi) - $5

zilch (hide.) "3.2.1." First Press CD (w/obi) $10

Creature Creature "Light and Lust" Limited Edition CD (w/obi) - $15

VAMPS "Love Addict" First Press CD & DVD (w/Postcard) - $10

D'espairsRay "Spiral Staircase #15" All Region J-Shock DVD - $15

Gackt "The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 -Red-" Region 2 DVD - $20

Dir en Grey "The Marrow of a Bone" US Free Will America CD - $5

MUCC "6" First Press CD (w/obi) - $15

Versailles "Prince and Princess" Standard CD (w/obi) - $5

Versailles "Lyrical Sympathy" First Press CD (w/obi) - $15

Versailles "Prince and Princess" Kamijo Type Limited Edition CD (w/card) - $10

LM.C "Glitter Loud Box" Limited Edition CD & DVD (w/obi) - $15

Due'le Quartz (Miyavi's First Band) "[Dear... from xxx]" Limited Edition CD (Plastic case and insert has scratches)- $10

High and Mighty Color "Goover" US Tofu Records CD - $5

TM Revolution "Coordinate" US Tofu Records CD - $5

TM Revolution "Seventh Heaven" US Tofu Records CD - $5

Kisaki of Phantasmagoria "a basement Melody...III" Postcard Book with DVD - $10

Malice Mizer "merveilles l'espace" Region 2 DVD - $30

Miyavi "-This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock" First Press CD & DVD (w/obi) - $25

Psycho le Cemu "BEST" Limited Edition CD & DVD - $10

Psycho le Cemu "~Epilogue ~ Kataritsugareru Monogatari" RARE Mail Only Final CD with Card Signed by the Entire Band - MAKE AN OFFER

MUCC "Houyoku" US Danger Crue CD - $10

Klaha of Malice Mizer "Nostal Lab" CD - $10

Kisaki with Karen "emotional graduation" Postcard Book with Karen Last Live CD - $10

L'arc~en~ciel "Kiss" First Press Limited Edition CD - MAKE ME AN OFFER

L'arc~en~ciel "Ark" First Press Limited Edition CD - MAKE ME AN OFFER

L'arc~en~ciel "Ray" First Press Limited Editon CD - MAKE ME AN OFFER
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