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Selling tons of anime/manga/merch + group order for Tora/K-books!

Hello! I have a lot of sales and orders going on at the moment, so please take a look if interested in any!
Sales post for anime/manga includes titles:

Honey Hunt
Tokyo Mew Mew(entire set!)
Sailor Moon S Anime Boxed Set
Wedding Peach
Super Gals!

ANIME/MANGA SALES POST(click me) @ alex_sales

I also have a Doujinshi Sales Post with 100+ doujinshi some starting as low as .75 cents! Mostly hetalia but two KnB doujins as well! This post also includes tons of Hetalia Merch!

DOUJINSHI SALES POST(click me) @ alex_sales

Finally I have a group order that's still going on for anything from Toranoana as well as k-books!

Payment 1(Books + Commission fee):
Cost of doujinshi

200 yen per book between 1-20 pages - *if you order more than 10 books commission will drop to a flat 175 yen per book
250 yen per book between 21-100 pages
350 yen per book between 101-200 pages
450 yen per book between 201-300 pages
650 yen per book between 301-400 pages
401+ pages order by order case

MORE INFO HERE(click me) @ alex_sales

My Wishlist is located HERE
My Feedback is located HERE
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