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DS CDs (LAREINE, Malice Mizer, L'arc en ciel, hide, Shazna); Manga (Yaoi); Sailormoon; Inuyasha; etc

For Sale are...

* JRock: Malice Mizer, LAREINE, hide, Shazna, and L'arc en ciel
* Anime & Manga: Rose of Versailles, Dragon Ball, InuYasha, CardCaptor Sakura, Gravitation, Sailormoon, Hyper Doll
* Lots of Japanese-language yaoi/boy's love manga!
* Parapara Paradise DVD

**Please read ALL of the information below**
**Please note that I will be unable to accept orders/payments past August 23rd since I'm returning to school.**


Purchasing/ General Information

* All Prices Are In: USD (US dollars)
* If you are interested in an item, please leave a comment stating: (1) The name(s) of the item(s) you want; (2) Your country (plus zipcode if within the USA).
* Please note that ALL items will be sold AS IS and that all sales are final.
* Items come from a smoke-free household.
* I take only PayPal payments - no money orders, concealed cash, etc.
* I will allow up to 48 hours for a buyer to respond to an invoice, or otherwise contact me about the sale. After that, transactions will be canceled.
* PayPal fees ARE included in the pricing, but shipping charges ARE NOT.
* Any flaws in items are noted in the descriptions, and all items are described to the best of my abilities.
* I do NOT take payment plans.
* If a first buyer does not arrange payment within 48 hours after the sale, the sale will them go to the second interested buyer.
* PayPal payments should be sent to: misslouiserose [at] gmail[dot] com.


* I Ship From: NY, USA.
* I will ship internationally.
* Shipping costs are listed below each item.
* Shipping price quotes will be for Priority or First Class mail shipping. (DELIVERY CONFIRMATION included for US buyers only).
* If you want additional shipping services and/ or special packing methods, please mention it. If you do not request anything other than general shipping, I will ship via the most basic methods. (NOTE: Any changes in shipping method may result in an increase in shipping costs.)
* I claim no responsibility for any lost, damaged, or stolen packages since shipping WILL INCLUDE delivery confirmation. Once I've shipped items, they become the responsibility of USPS. So PLEASE do tell me if you would like any additional shipping services when stating your intent to buy so your package can be shipped to your liking AND I can give an accurate shipping quote. :)
* PLEASE INFORM ME OF YOUR ZIPCODE IF INTERESTED IN ITEMS so I can accurately tell you shipping costs.
* Priority Flat-rate Box shipping includes the cost of packing materials, but any other methods will not. Please note that shipping costs will be adjusted for items in different packaging (so shipping costs could be less or more depending on cost of requested packaging).
* I recommend that, even though shipping will be more expensive, that international buyers request some kind of tracking along with their purchase(s). (This is often about $10-15USD extra so that you can ensure more safety with your package.)
* Priority shipping estimates are for DOMESTIC (within USA) only. International shipping will be more expensive.
* Items will be shipped out within 1-3 days after payment has been received and has transferred to my back account.
* I can also combine items into one shipment- I will tell you if this is possible.
* SHIPPING COSTS FOR FLAT-RATE ARE FOR THE SMALLEST BOX/PACKAGING I CAN FIT THE ITEM INTO - I want to make sure buyers do not over pay on shipping.


* My feedback can be found: here.

- - - -


Rose of Versailles Manga Set
Volumes 1&2

$10 per each or $16 for the set.

Language: Japanese
Genre: Shojou, Historical
Description:  "The Rose of Versailles is a manga by Riyoko Ikeda that focuses on Oscar François de Jarjayes, a girl raised as a man by her father so that she can be leader of the palace guards. She has a strong desire to help the poor as revolution brews in France. She develops relationships with Marie Antoinette, Count Axel von Fersen, and servant and best friend André Grandier. The manga is set in France during the French Revolution and has some biographical elements surrounding Marie Antoinette. In addition, some relationships in this manga have been interpreted to have some yuri/girl's love elements to it."

Manga listed below are:

Passion (Volume 1)
Language: English
Genre: Yaoi (explicit scenes)
Description:  "Hikaru and Shima are student and teacher and have to overcome obstacles to figure out their feelings for one another. The relationship starts wtih Hikaru forcing himself on Shima and the younger must find a way to make amends if their love is to develop."

Under the Glass Moon (Volume 1)
Language: English
Genre: Supernatural, Gothic fantasy
Description: "Luka Reinhardt is one of the greatest dark wizards and has a great sense of fashion. His book-worm sorcerer brother lives next-door with two witches- Madame Batolli and her daughter. The daughter, Nell, has a crush on Luka, and her mother is also smitten." (Madame Battoli is said to resemble Mana from Malice Mizer.)

Until the Full Moon (Volume 2)
Language: English
Genre: Boy's Love, Gender-changing, Vampires, Fantasy/Romance
Description: "Marlo changes into a woman on nights of the full moon. He is engaged to David Vincent, a skirt-chasing vampire. One of David's former girlfriend's attempts to contact him asking for help but leaves out details. Problems with this former girlfriend and David's father make for challenges in Marlo and David's relationship."

Chocolate Kiss by Saemi Yorita
Language: Japanese
Genre: Boy's Love, High School setting, drama, slice- of life
Description: "A boy has to change schools and it's his first days at a new and prestigious school. School life itself is already busy and students are starting to be considered by the student council executive body to be the next officer. A complicated situation arises when the new boy and the student council president start getting close."

B-Complex by Tadayoshi Amou
Language: Japanese
Genre: Boy's love, BrotherXBrother
Description: This is a softcover book and has a dustjacket. It was published in 1995 by Gust Comics. Approximately 190 pages. "A younger brother appears after being away. He tells his older brother "it's because I love you" and wants to start a relationship. To make matters worse, an old lover from Britain returns."

Moonlight Garden
Language: Japanese
Genre: Girl disguises herself to attend an all-boy's acting school.
Description: "A girl named Yuuki lies about her gender in order to enroll in the theater department of an all boys school where students are required to live in dorms. She studies acting and tries to keep her secret but is found out by an upperclassman. Additionally, Yuuki discovers the reason she was raised as a boy."

Spicy Vanilla by Tsubaki Enomoto
Language: Japanese
Genre: BL
Description:  "Immediately after breaking up with a girl, a 3rd year senior high school student meets a first year with a vanilla scent named Misao Shimizu. He is unsure how his feelings will evolve toward this new boy."

DokiDoki by Miwako Seitoku
Language: Japanese
Genre: Boy's Love
Description: "Fujioka Tetta has a crush on his roommate Kuruyu Junya. When he's near the other, his heart always beats oddly and he can't figure out why. He is confessed to by Junya but... Tetta refuses the other! Complications arise when they both work to figure out their feelings."


Shazna - White Silent Night Single
Description: Other Songs: das Spiel and Shelly; Had foldout pages with band member portraits.

hide - HIDE YOUR FACE album
Description: Still has obi; Good condition; Small amount of wear from being on shelf.

hide - PSYENCE album
Description: Still has obi; Some wear to booklet; Small amount of scratched on plastic case.

L'arc en ciel - SMILE album
Description:  Never listened to; US release; Will be sent with accompanying L'arc en ciel flyers for SMILE release.

Malice Mizer - Gardenia single
Description: Only listened to once; Good condition.

Hyper Doll Soundtrack and Audio Drama CD
Description: Has part of obi intact and contains booklet.

Parapara Paradise 6 DVD video
Description: Has outer packaging; Contains 23 songs/videos; 59 minutes long

Shazna - Promise Eve album
Description: No obi; good condition.

LAREINE - Billet single
Description: No obi; good condition.

LAREINE - Fuyu Tokyo single
Description: First press edition with Machi collectable card; No obi.


Gravitation TV Animation Fan Book


Takarazuka Graph 1976

Issues: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
$5 per issue or $20 for all.


Dragon Ball Figurines - Bulma & Oolong
$4 each or $6 for both.

Inu Yasha Pins - Miroku & Kagome
$4 each or $6 for both.

Sailormoon Temporary Tattoo - Sailorjupiter

Description: Two tattoos within the one- 1) a chibi of Sailorjupiter, and 2) a portrait of Makoto.

Cardcaptor Sakura Trading Cards

Description: 7 cards

Sailormoon Trading Cards

Description: 8 cards

LAREINE Mini Poster, Postcards and Trading Card

Description: From the Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru single era, there is a mini poster with the whole band; two postcards - one Mayu and one Machi; and the trading card is all band members' portraits. The trading card has a protective plastic sleeve.

- - - -

(And please remember to read the rules of sale before purchasing/ expressing interest. Please note that "basic shipping estimates" include ONLY cost of delivery confirmation + domestic shipping [inside USA]. These are NOT estimates for international shipping and fees.)
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