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07 August 2013 @ 11:51 am
EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! Still selling lots of J-Rock/VK-stuff!!  
Hey everyone!

I'm still selling LOTS of things over at my sales-journal

Shipping worldwide!
If you don't like a price or there is no price: Make an offer! :D

Just take a look here:

Anime-DVDs & Manga (german)

K-Pop CDs

Poster (anime & J-Rock)

Poster (K-Pop)

Flyer (J-Rock & VK)

J-Rock magazines (Rock&Read, Shoxxbis, NEO genesis, Gotchic&Lolita Bible)



Photocards, tradingcards, cheki etc

Photobooks, pamphlets etc.

comment DVDs & CDs

J-Rock/VK CDs

J-Rock/VK DVDs

Thanks for looking!!