Amanda (begger4mcgregor) wrote in garagesalejapan,

New Manga, Anime, Games & Yaoi added!

I've still got this complete set of Fruits Basket taking up vaulable space on my shelf!  Surely someone wants to take it off my hands!  All the books are in at least good condition with normal shelf wear.  I'd like about $200 shipped for the set, but I'm open to haggling ;)

Check out my sales posts for tons of new additions!

Manga: More Bleach and Naruto added, as well as Alice in the Country of Hearts, Deadman Wonderland, Kingdom Hearts and more!!!  Over 100 titles, most $3 or less!!!!

Yaoi: New titles added!  Most $3 or less!!!

Anime, Games & More: Fullmetal Alchemist, Twelve Kingdoms, Death Note and Evangelion anime added, plus new Wii & WiiU games and TONS of Japanese Language manga!

Feedback / Rules

Remember, if you don't like a price or want to make a deal, just ask!!!
And remember again, any media mail elligable order $25 or more is free shipping!!!!
Tags: anime, franchise: death note, manga: english, manga: japanese, stationery, toys, video games
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