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DS! Sexpot Visor, Algonquins, Double Decker, Vivienne Westwood, Super Lovers and more!



*Prices are in USD
*Only accepting Paypal, I charge a 5% fee
*Not accepting trades
*I only ship via USPS Mail
*Payment plans are accepted on purchases over $100 with a 20% non refundable deposit and only go up to 3 weeks max. There will be no refunds on any payments that have been paid if you decide to back out last minute.
*I will ship international, but will not mark down any packages and will not be responsible for any custom fees
*Please note that after I ship I won't be held responsible for any damages or missing packages. I advise strongly to purchase insurance.
*By purchasing, you're agreeing to the condition of the item as pictured and described, any other damages are therefore out of my hands and I will not give any refunds. I do my best to check all over for damages, but just be aware that there will be a chance that I will miss very minor things. All items are in the condition they are stated/described/pictured to be in!
*Items are sold as is, returns are not accepted.
*I have the right to refuse any sale
*Please, only reasonable offers

Double Decker RHS Boots: $50 + shipping (I'm firm on the price)

Size: 24cm US Womens 7.5 - 8

Besides the wrinkles in the ankle area that comes from regular boot wear, these are in near perfect conditions. The wood isn't chipped or broken, the heels and soles are firmly attached. I've worn it about five times.


Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Heart Replica Sandals: $25 + shipping

Size 39, US Woman's 8.5

I've worn this twice for short periods of time, and I have to warn you, the left shoe (right in this picture) has a heart that has come undone. Nothing super glue won't fix, but just letting you know~


Taobao Lolita Sneakers: $8 + shipping

Size: 25cm US 8 to 8.5
Taobao sneakers I thought I'd use. My friend used them once, and there are worn marks on the bottom. As I got them, the soles weren't attached very well to begin with.


Taobao shoes! $5 + shipping

sz 39cm or 7 - 7.5 women's

I usually can fit size 39's but these are a tad bit narrow. Don't expect the world of these, they're comfortable but thin. The blue has also bled a little into the rubber soles, which came to me this way.


Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wing Shoes Taobao: $30 + 5%pp + shippingSOLD

Size 40, 8.5 womens

They're still wrapped, I just haven't been able to find the time or put in the effort of putting it into my daily wear. They're in perfect condition, and very sturdy.


H.Anarchy Muffler: $5 + shipping

Bought used, and already had pilling, hence the price


Sexpot Revenge Visor: $25 + shipping

I've only ever worn this three times, all inside the house. Once was over clean hair, the other times were over a wig. It's in pristine condition

Taobao crop top shirt: $10 OBO + 5%pp + shipping

Size: 40" bust, waist 34"
I thought this shirt would be longer, but I failed! It's a crop top and I knew I wasn't going to like it, so take it off my hands please~


Algonquins Bubble Dress JSK: $40 + shipping

Max Bust: 38"
Max Waist: 32"

Bought this from another user who said it would fit at a 43" bust, but she didn't tell me about it's a double layered dress and the layer underneath isn't stretchable.


Super Lovers Hoodie: $20 + shipping

Max Bust: 48"
Max Waist: 40"
This one is an oversized hoodie, meant to be worn baggy like. Still in great condition, no pilling, rips, stains, or tears.


Bodyline Pannier/Petticoat: $8 + shipping


They help inflate light skirts, but wouldn't do much for heavy lolita fabrics. Fits a 32" waist


Offbrand Black Blouse: $8 + shipping

Bust: 40" max
Waist: 33" max
Bought this from Ebay, it'sa reflective silk which I didn't know about. Tried it on, and have stored it since.


Offbrand Honey Brown Wig: $10 + shipping

I don't have any pictures worn or pictures of it on a wig head. My head is slightly larger, and so I'm selling this. It's a gorgeous honey brown color, moderate coverage, and a little shorter than chin. The length and cut is similiar to Arda's LULU, just with longer front ends


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