how you turn my mind upside-down (minyunee) wrote in garagesalejapan,
how you turn my mind upside-down

yard sale in san francisco sunset district

I am having a yard sale tomorrow, August 25th, from 10AM till 2PM. There will be anime and manga for sale, all for $1 or less. I will also have some K-pop CDs(mostly Super Junior) and some BL items such as magazines and photobooks. I have some cute Asian knick-knacks as well, such a keychains and hair accessories. Pretty much everything from my selling communityfunaid, but for much cheaper.

Come drop by 38th AVE, between Judah&Kirkham if you're interested!

Also, I will not have the CDs and BL items out with the rest so please ask to see them. :)
Tags: manga: english, music: kpop
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