The Phantom of the Library (ringwraith10) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Phantom of the Library

Various Manga, Mega Man Action Figure!

Hello all!

I have a bunch of items for sale on my account, including manga and a MIB Mega Man action figure. Please check out my items here.

Manga available includes:

No Need for Tenchi! vol. 1
Sorcerer Hunters vol. 1
Gundam Wing: Mobile Suit vol. 1
Gorgeous Carat vol. 1
Desert Coral vol. 2
Revolutionary Girl Utena vol. 3
Orphen vol. 4
Legal Drug vol. 1
Lupin III vol. 1
Samurai Champloo vol. 2
Dragon Ball Z vol. 10

Also, view my LJ feedback here.

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