kurigohan and kamehameha (kardashian) wrote in garagesalejapan,
kurigohan and kamehameha

fs: vocaloid dolls (as low as $50!)

i'm trying to weed through my pullip collection in order to make room (and pay) for some other things! i really love these dolls but since i've moved on to figures they aren't for me anymore.

anyway!! i'm selling vocaloid dolls (snow miku pullip, rin and len dals and kaito taeyang) KAITO HAS BEEN SOLD

they've been displayed but that's all--they haven't even been undressed or anything. they've been absolutely well cared for! their cards are still attached to their boxes and come with all their extras; all in all they're in near perfect condition! however the kagamine twins have styling gel in their hair to make them look more like their 2d selves!

i can provide better pictures on request!

i'm asking for $65 each (no trades, please) before shipping. snow miku will be $95. i am also willing to sell len and rin for $100 all together ($50 each!) canada post rates are insane so i'd like to keep them within canada and the united states. within canada shipping is $20 and usa is $25, however reboxed it will cost more.

please reply or inbox me if you're interested!
Tags: collectibles, dolls: general, toys
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