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Ebay sale! The Gazette, Vivienne Westwood, Sex Pot Revenge and Japanese fashion. GemCerey bracelet!

Crazy ebay sale. Lots of items ending within a few hours to a few days.
Snap up a bargain!!!!!!

More items listed on this sales journal: IGNORE ALL PRICES AND MAKE ME SOME OFFERS FOR WHAT YOU WANT!

The Gazette

* Rare!Collector The GazettE/GEMCEREY 'Nancy' Bracelet. Designed by Ruki!!
* Rare! HAND AUTOGRAPHED Gazette photo
* Black Moral silver phone strap
* Decomposition Beauty photobook
* Stacked Rubbish photobook
* Rare! Black Moral Abnormal Culture purple clutch bag
* Collector Black Moral ‘Satans Bitchies’ bandana
* Rare! Black Moral studded room shoes
* Collector Maximum Royal Disorder mirror
* Black Moral material transfer set
* Collector Burst into a Blaze cheer fan
* Uruha guitar pick
* Reita bass pick
* Rare! Black Moral crimson and gold scarf
* Rare! Black Moral/Disney ‘Rock Star Micky’ tshirt from Melt final
* Fadeless LE Poster
* Gigs Magazine
* Glare Vol.6
* Rare! Rock and Read 005
* Rare!Real Read 001! (aka, Rock and Read BEFORE it was Rock and Read)

Vivienne Westwood

* Rare! Authentic diamante armour ring, as seen on the likes of Aoi (The Gazette) Picture shown above.
* Rare! Authentic Vivienne Westwood sunglasses with 13 hour clock detail.
* Authentic Vivienne Westwood Anglomania perfume! Only slightly used but going REALLY cheap!

Sex Pot Revenge and Japanese fashion

* Lip Service Corset
* Sex Pot Revenge long sleeve shirt
* Mad Punks lace up tartan shirt
* Sex Pot Revenge fedora
* Japanese fashion: winter hooded fur cape
* Sex Pot Revenge camera case
* Zu ‘Anaconda’ studded, spiked and jewelled heels. Size 10

Please note: All items appearing on ebay are NOT for direct sale through this journal.  Ebay prices are reduced, so snap them up over there!
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