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Code Geass doujinshi/manga for sale/wtb/tf postcards/clear files/book lots for sale

Hi, everyone!

I have Code Geass doujinshi for sale, with newly added titles including Fuukatei, Reflection, and Fukagawa (not shown is "Watashi no Koneko-chan" Gino/Suzaku):


All four anthology books are over 100 pages each. I am asking $110 for all 11 doujinshi shipped within the USA. I will ship internationally, but the buyer is responsible for shipping cost.

The Code Black cloth and Code Geass Sheet music book also shown in the above link are sold as a set for $52, not including shipping. Cloth is approx. 73 in. by 42 in. Brand new, only taken out of bag to take better pictures.

I have other Code Geass items and other items such as J-pop/rock/punk CDs, anime, manga, and lots of other items here for sale/trade: http://kanon99.livejournal.com/1345.html

Photos for most of the items can be found here:


If you buy the doujinshi and other item(s), shipping for the other item(s) will be free since it/they will be shipped with a free shipping item.

I also have a lot of yaoi books for sale:

Descendants of Darkness vol. 7
Legal Drug vol. 3
Il Gatto Sul G vol. 1
Il Gatto Sul G vol. 2
Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 2 (novel)
Yellow vol. 1
Fake vol. 5
Fake vol. 7
Gorgeous Carat vol. 3

All 9 books for $44 dollars shipped in the USA! All in Very Good to Like New condition.

I also have a shojo lot:

Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 1 (Very Good/Like New)

Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 2 (includes bookmark! ; Very good/Like New)
Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 3 (includes bookmark! ; Very Good/Like New)
A set of both the English and Japanese versions of these!!:
Kobato vol. 1 (lower left corner bent, little black smug; don't know what it is because I bought it in this condition)
Kobato vol. 2 (light brown on side; again, do not know what it is because I bought it in this condition)
Kobato vol. 1 (Japanese; Like New)
Kobato vol. 2 (Japanese; Like New)
A CLAMP character designed series:
Code Geass Tales of an Alternate Shogunate (Japanese; Like New)

All 8 books for $40 shipped in the USA!

If you want both sets I will discount the total price! :)

I am looking for postcards and clear files by Cras Sola (and others such as Reflection and Fuukatei, but mainly Cras Sola). If you have any and want to get rid of them for not a lot, then I can buy. Otherwise, a trade, please! I am also looking for Cras Sola doujinshi I do not have. Mainly, I am looking for "FSL". If you are not asking a lot, I can buy. Otherwise, a trade, please!
 Trades only in the USA; buying only in USA unless you can ship it to me for not a lot. Thank you!

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