Sora G. Silverwind (cinnamonical) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sora G. Silverwind

MANGA: Death Note, Trigun & Trigun Maximum, Excel Saga

All volumes are in very good condition, with minor to no wear! Will combine shipping. Payment is through PayPal!

I haven't sold on here in a while, but I have old feedback here if anyone wants to check!

I'll only trade for things on my wishlist, included at the end of this post (fandoms: Tiger & Bunny, Gintama, Gunsmith Cats Burst).

Death Note (vols. 1-6)

$22.00 + shipping (entire set); $4.00 + shipping (individual volumes)

Trigun (vols. 1-2)

$14.00 + shipping (entire set); $8.00 + shipping (individual volumes)

Trigun Maximum (vols. 1-12)

$55.00 + shipping (entire set); $5.00 + shipping (individual volumes)

Excel Saga (vols. 1 & 3)

$8.00 (entire set); $5.00 + shipping (individual volumes)

Wish List

Gintama: vols. 6-19, 21-23
Gunsmith Cats Burst: vols. 2-5
Tags: manga: english
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