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[Selling] English Yaoi Manga

I found a bunch of yaoi manga hidden away in a moving box from two moves ago. Since I obviously didn't miss it, I think it's time to sell it!

All prices are in USD. Buyer covers shipping costs, and I do ship internationally. All books are shipped via priority mail with tracking. Prices start at $6 for 1-4 books in the US. Paypal payments accepted.

Manga are $6 each!!


Close the Last Door 1-2 by Yamada Yugi
Open the Door to Your Heart by Yamada Yugi
Dry Heat by Yamada Yugi
Temperature Rising by Himawari Souya
Blue Sky by Kuwabara Yuko
Ooku 1 by Yoshinaga Fumi
Invisible Love by Honjo Rie
Desire by Kazumi Maki and Honami Yukine
L'Etoile Solitaire by Ogami Yuno


Viewfinder ($30 for the set) ON HOLD
You will Fall in Love by Takanaga Hinako ON HOLD
The Guilty 4 by Izumi Katsura and Takanaga Hinako ($4)


Hanky Panky by Kamuro Koreaki
Your Love Sickness by Kuku Hayate ON HOLD
Mamiya Doll House by Mishima Kazuhiro
Love Me Sinfully by Tennohji Mio
The Sky Over my Spectacles by Tennohji Mio
I Can't Stop Loving You 1-2 by Takakura Row
Intriguing Secrets by Shinba Rize
Idol Pleasures by Misasagi Fuhri
Love Potion by Fujii Sakuya


Gerard & Jacques 1 by Yoshinaga Fumi
Silver Diamond by Sugiura Shiho
Love Skit by Honjo Rie ON HOLD
Your Honest Deceit 1 by Ajimine Sakufu
Desire Sensibility by Narazaki Souta
Cigarette Kisses by Yamato Nase

All prices are negotiable, and I do give discounts for buying multiple items. Really, I'm just trying to clear these books out, so offer me your best and we'll probably be able to strike a deal. *crossposted to yaoi_daily_cafe and garagesalejapan
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