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Selling JROCK and Playstation 1 + 2 games

Hi there, selling some things:

Black:list - Melancholy CD + DVD
Dir en Grey - Clever Sleazoid
Dir en Grey - Kasumi
Dir en Grey - Code of Vulgar[ism] [Limited Edition 2 DVD]
D'espairsRay - Mirror [Limited Edition]
D'espairsRay - Redeemer [Limited Edition SHM-CD + DVD]
D'espairsRay - Monsters [Limited Edition CD +DVD]
GazettE - Shiver [regular first press]
GazettE - Hyena [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
GazettE - Remember the Urge [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
GazettE - Remember the Urge tumbler
GazettE - VERWELKTES GEDICHT photobook W/ Kare Uta CD
Girugamesh - Kuukyo no Utsuwa [First Press]
Girugamesh - Zero
Girugamesh - Honnou Kaihou
Girugamesh - Risei Kairan
Girugamesh - 13's Reborn [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Girugamesh - Reason of Crying [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Girugamesh - Girugamesh [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Mucc - Homura Uta [First Press Limited Edition 2CD]
Mucc - Kuchiki no Tou [Limited Edition  CD + DVD]
Mucc - Houyoku [First Press 2CD]
Mucc - Kyuutai [Type-B Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Rentrer en Soi - Zenkeshiki Kusai Hateru Ima, Yuiitsu... *Live distributed
Rentrer en Soi - Rentrer en Soi - [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Rentrer en Soi - Stigmata [Regular Edition]
Sadie - Grieving the Dead Soul [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Sadie - Ice Romancer [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Sadie - Cold Blood [Limited Edition CD + DVD]
Screw - X-rays [Limited Edition CD + DVD]

Final Fantasy VII + Strategy Guide
Parasite Eve
Resident Evil (Longbox edition)
Resident Evil II

Capcom VS SNK 2
Castlevania Lament of Innocence
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry II
Devil May Cry III
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
God of War
God of War II
King of Fighter 11
Mega Man X Collection
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Silent Hill Origins
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
Tekken 4

Details here:
Tags: music: jrock, video games
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