mermaids & broken dolls (castor) wrote in garagesalejapan,
mermaids & broken dolls

Various items for sale

If you would like to buy any of these items through an invoice on Paypal, I am willing to sell them at 10% less than what is listed on eBay. (Not including shipping, if it isn't free shipping.) I may also consider offers.

I take Paypal and Credit Cards.

Cowboy Bebop T-Shirt
D.N.Angel Manga V. 1-11
Devil May Cry 2 T-Shirt
Fruits Basket Bobble Head
GANTZ Manga V. 1-6
Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Limited Edition Pre-Order Coins
s-CRY-ed Animation Book
Sailor Mercury Pajama Figure
Sanrio Charmmy Kitty Erasures
Slayers VHS Dubbed V. 8 and 3 Subbed TRY tapes
Ouran Wallscroll
Tags: franchise: sailor moon, manga: english, toys
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