tamerlane (tamerlane) wrote in garagesalejapan,

wanted: video games & ff8 doujin!

mostly just looking for ff4 (i will take gba ff4, ff5, & ff6). if you have anything like language games, brain age, ace attorney, or pokemon black/white, holla at me!

also looking for psp ff4 complete (pref that sexy uk version with extras) and maybe both ff13s for ps3? idk. if you have any rpgs or horror games for ds or the psp, i'm probably interested.

if you have any ff8 (gen or het or hentai that is not creepy gross objectifying) doujinshi, i might also be interested.

i'm in the us & have paypal. i want a deal, so please don't be that jerk who wastes my time with prices higher than amazon or ebay.
Tags: wanted
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