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YAOI manga, anime DVDs

Name: Jazmin
Country: USA
Payment: paypal -->
Feedback: ebay and Den of Angels (asian doll community)
Shipping: I prefer to ship only within US and Canada but I'll be willing to ship overseas/international IF the buyer pays for full shipping (it can expensive to ship items to France or Brazil, for example).

Items for sale:

*Press on the thumb picture for a larger size*

Manga Books for $10 each (can be bought separately)

When the heavens smile
Cafe latte rhapsody
 photo IMG_1561_zps710095cb.jpg

Endless Comfort
 photo IMG_1569_zpsa0d4df5f.jpg

The devil's secret
 photo IMG_1603_zps78da41a4.jpg

The walnut I and II
Cut   SOLD
(Desire and Only the ring finger knows are not for sale)
 photo IMG_1554_zps025c306c.jpg

We were there
 photo IMG_1610_zps3db0621a.jpg


Yaoi Novels $10 each (if you buy more than 1, you'll get a discount of $5)
 photo IMG_1600_zpsc272a29e.jpg
The guilty vol.1
The man who doesn't take off his clothes vol.1-2
Cold Sleep
Gentle Cage


Non yaoi Novels $6 each
 photo IMG_1573_zps1860d8a3.jpg
The Demon princess vol.1-2


Collections *books not sold separately*

Let Dai $100 complete
 photo IMG_6559.jpg

The Betrayal Knows my name or Uraboku vol.1 to vol.5 $55
 photo IMG_1570_zpsd531d7e7.jpg

Kitchen Princess $35 (vol.1 to vol.9)
 photo IMG_6556.jpg

Totally Captivated $120 Complete
 photo IMG_1616_zpsa10a08d1.jpg

Count Cain and God Child $70 Complete
 photo IMG_1608_zps3c5b7268.jpg

Loveless from TokyoPop (8 volumes) $45
 photo IMG_1612_zps54e77a28.jpg  photo IMG_1614_zpsed466bf6.jpg

Kizuna $45
 photo IMG_1562_zps9643e679.jpg


Berserk Complete $120
 photo IMG_1578_zpsab260026.jpg

Hetalia special edition (paint it white movie) $20
 photo IMG_1577_zps437855ba.jpg

The rest are for $5 each, press on the picture to see names and volumes
 photo IMG_1592_zpsb6246d4a.jpg  photo IMG_1589_zpsdb5c621f.jpg  photo IMG_1588_zpsa196b2f7.jpg
 photo IMG_1587_zps386af5f3.jpg    photo IMG_1582_zpsd16e9c92.jpg

You can send me a message to for any questions. :)
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