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New Anime items for sale!!!!

Added tons of new anime items! Including a Princess AI doll!! I also added other items as well like a japanese winnie the pooh book.(its on my journal)

Feel free to message me and leave a comment! If you see something and would like to make an offer, contact me and we can work something out ^-^ I ship everywhere!!

you can check out more items on my journal:

Never been opened! Princess AI doll-$27
 photo DSCN8817_zpsd7c80c8d.jpg
Sailor moon VHS episodes-$5 each, Sailor moon Movies-$7each, Sailor moon keychain MINT $12
 photo DSCN8249_zpsb1ce499a.jpg

Sailor moon Resource book (includes character bios of starlights and episode guide)-$18
Sailor moon Stars Children's book in japanese-$20 magazine-$8, Sailor moon Usagi guide- $12, Sailor moon Big Manga-$9
 photo DSCN8240_zps8f37c319.jpg

Sailor moon first edition manga!! All of them are $10 each except stars are $15 each and 9 and supers 1 are $7 each (both have slight damage)
 photo DSCN8236_zpsc4821263.jpg
Sailor Moon buttons-$1.50 each or 4 for $5

 photo DSCN8426_zps16a156e3.jpg

Sailor Moon CCG cards $0.20 each or take them all for $12 photo DSCN8257_zps88bdbcd3.jpg

tvchibicat-1.gif picture by chibi-5
BOOKS, VHS, DVDS, Animation Cels and other items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Revolutionary Girl Utena: 100 piece puzzle set $16, Mangas $15 each
 photo DSCN8264_zps1fc223eb.jpg

Dragon Ball Z: random dragon ball Z magazines- $5 each
 photo DSCN8259_zpsbc907909.jpg

Tenchi Muyo $1.25 each or buy them all for $5

Fushigi yugi, Dual, Lain, nanako, Oh My Goddess and Trigun Vhs $1.25 each or take them all for $8
DSCN3172.jpg DSCN3172

Slayers, mononoke, gundum wing, bubble crisis, ranma1/2 VHS-$1.25 each or 5 for $5
Fruits basket dvd-SOLD

Tenchi, angel sanctuary and flam of Recca dvds. DVDs $5.50, preview dvd $2

Animation Cels from Unknown Cels, $3 each

DSCN3037.jpg DSCN3037
Anime and other buttons $1.50 or 4 for $5
 photo DSCN8429_zps61ab7910.jpg
Frozen south park plush-$2
Kenny plush (suppost to talk)-$5
X clamp plush-$5
Mewtwo plush-$3
mewoth plush-$3
Scooby-doo plush-$5
RARE ryo-oki plush/backpack-$30

beetlejuice cartoon figures-$3 each
Hello Kitty toys-$3 each
hello kitty clock-$5
Anastasia travel game board set with 5 mnt in bags figures-$7.50
sailor moon MB keychain-$12
Swan princess Speed figure-$3
little mermaid 2 tip figure-$3
flotsam and jetsam binoculars-$8
frozen Kenny ornament-$2
blue anime cat thing bank-$3
Mint urchin and stormy squirt gun-$5

 photo DSCN8439_zps2e32c10d.jpg
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