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So many manga~

Still much to clear out~

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Manga going for $4 each unless otherwise stated. All books are in mint or near mint condition.

Shipping for items will be calculated when you comment with your area code. US only please.

Here are some books also for sale that I don't have a picture of yet, but can get if you are interested in them.

+ Jiu Jiu 5
+ Even More Beautiful Lie
+ Grand Orchestra Guignol 1-5
+ Juvenile Orion 5
+ Count Down 7 Days
+ Tiger and Bunny 1-2
+ Hana Kimi 1-22
+ Magi 1

More books with pictures below the cut. I may take offers, depending on how much you want and such.

 photo IMG_20130731_120559_3361.jpg

 photo IMG_20130731_120542_2631.jpg

 photo IMG_20130731_120458_3061.jpg

$15 each or $35 for all 3

 photo IMG_20130731_120444_7301.jpg


 photo IMG_20130731_120427_3471.jpg

FMA Doujin. Varying around 2004. fair to good condition. $20 for the lot.

 photo IMG_20130731_120922_2861.jpg

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