nyokosenpai (nyokosenpai) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking fo ZE volume 6

I'm currently looking for ZE volume 6. Please notify me if you're willing to sale it. I'm also looking for Private Tutor volume 1 and No Touching At All, but would really like ZE volume 6.

I also have a few yaoi manga and novels that I'd like to sell since they're either double copies or things that I'm not really interested in keeping. Here's what I have so far, all in English and all used unless otherwise stated:

ZE volume 3 - $9.00 (Very Good)
The Tyrant Falls in Love 7 - $10.00 (new—in plastic) (SOLD)
Embracing Love 2-in-1 volume 1 - $10.00 (new—in plastic) (SOLD)
Awkward Silence vol. 2 - $8.00 (new—in plastic)
False Memories vol. 1 - $8.00 (new—in plastic) (SOLD)
Punch Up! vol. 2 - $8.00 (new—in plastic)
Bad Teacher Equation vol. 1 - $4.00 (Good—minor spinal wear and corner wear)

Gentle Cage - $4.00 (Good—minor spinal wear)
The Guilty vol. 1 - $4.00 (Good—minor spinal wear and cover wear) (SOLD)
The Guilty vol. 2 - $4.00 (Good—minor spinal wear and cover wear) (SOLD)
The Guilty vol. 4 - $4.00 (Good—minor spinal wear and cover wear)
Immoral Darkness - $4.00 (Good—minor spinal wear and cover wear) (SOLD)
Ai no Kusabi vol. 7 - $7.50 (Like New)

More from my wishlist
Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf vol. 1-2
Rabbit Man Tiger Man vol. 1
No Toughing At All
S vol. 4 (novel)
ZE volume 5-6
Beast & Feast
Probably others as well ^^

-I’d rather sale but will be willing to trade BOTH YAOI AND NON-YAOI(especially NON-YAOI One Piece, Bleach, and anything horror, again, NON-YAOI :) ), depending on what the item is, even if it's not on my wishlist~! ^^
-All paypal fees will be the responsibility of the buyer.
-Yes, I will ship internationally, but the shipping price will probably be high. I'll do what I can, but it probably won't help much.

Can’t think of anything else, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or pm me.

Thanks for looking.

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