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yaoi lots/Code Geass/shojo/wtb Code Geass music box


I have items I really need to sell. Please contact me if you see anything of interest! :D
I have two yaoi lots to sell. Each lot is $35 shipped within the USA!

Lot 1:

Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 1 (novel)
Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 2 (novel)
Fake vol. 5
Fake vol. 7 (has a black line on the bottom)
Legal Drug vol. 3

Lot 2:

Only the Ring Finger Knows vol. 2 (novel)
Gorgeous Carat vol. 3
Yellow vol. 1
Il gatto sul g vol. 1
Il gatto sul g vol. 2 (has several black lines on the cover)

Aside form the notes I made, they are in Very good to Like New condition, depending on the book)

I have items Code Geass doujinshi (from circles such as Cras Sola, Fuukatei, nia, Cou Aori, Reflection, etc.)
All doujinshi are 13.50 each. Offers are welcome on multiple purchases! Pictures can be seen here:


Also pictured there is a Code Black cloth measuring a little over 70 inches by a little over 40 inches. It is sold in a set with a Code Geass music sheet book. Both are $52.

I also have a set of the first two volumes of season one and a couple cds and books. The set of these Code Geass items is $34.99. A picture of it, along with other items I am selling can be seen here:


Not all I am selling have pictures. For a list of those and other items, please see my sales page:

I have anime, such as Vampire Knight, fullmetal alchemist, mythical detective loki, etc; manga such as chibi vampire, cardcaptor sakura master of the clow; non anime DVDs, CDs, Newtype USA, Shonen Jump, and other items. Please come have a look!
I am open to all reasonable offers- especially on large orders. I need this items gone! Please help!
I am also looking for a Code Geass music box. A picture of it can be seen here:http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/lilac52/library/wishlist?sort=3&page=1

A reasonable price, please! I prefer US sellers, but if shipping is not costly, then international is fine!

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