shoujo22 (shoujo22) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking for Yaoi Manga and Novels

Looking for BL manga:

Hi all! I'm xmas shopping early this year and am looking for the following items in English:

1. Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf vol. 1 - Haruno Ahiru (might already be in the works???)
2. Rabbit Man, Tiger Man 1 - Akira Honma
3. No Touching At All - Kou Yoneda
4. Private Teacher 1-2 - Yuu Moegi
5. S vol. 4 (novel) - Saki Aida and Chiharu Nara
6. Desire: Dangerous Feelings (novel) - Maki Kazumi and Yukine Honami
7. Beast & Feast - Akira Norikazu

Please contact me by commenting here or via pm to negotiate prices--photos would also be greatly appreciated. Also, please allow me no more than 24 hours to respond as I'm working like a beast this season.

Thanks in advance,


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