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JE Merchandise; Scandal CDs, Morning Musume and AKB48

NEWS 2013 T-shirt
V6 Oh My Goodness 2013 T-shirt
Arashi 5x10 T-shirt
Arashi 24hr TV 2012 T-shirt Blue Size:M

Arashi 24hr TV 2013 Hand Towels (2 variants)
Arashi 24hr TV 2012 Clearfile (Aiba, Nino & Ohno)
Arashi 24hr TV 2012 Tote Bag
Arashi 24hr TV 2012 Pin Badge (Type B & C)

Arashi Beautiful World Mini Uchiwa (Matsumoto Jun)
Arashi Beautiful World Hair Tie (Green)
Arashi Popcorn Live Decorative Sticker
V6  Oh My Goodness 2013 Earphone Jack Strap
Kat-tun Chain Charity Sticker and Pin
Kat-tun Chain Clearfile (Kame / Group)

Dream Boys Tote Bag 2011
Dream Boys 2011 Maru Clearfile

HSJ 2011 Summary Mini Uchiwa (Yuri & Kota)
HSJ 2011 Summary Tote Bag
HSJ 2012 New Year Clearfile (Yuto & Yuri)

NEWS 2012 Live Tour Penlight
Arashi Arafes 2012 Penlight

Arashi Waku-waku Mini Bag (1 bag reserved)
Arashi Waku-waku Photo Album
Arashi Waku-waku Clearfile

Matsumoto Jun Lucky 7 Drama LED light
Matsumoto Jun Lucky 7 Drama Mobile Strap

Kis-My-Ft2 2011 Summer Tote Bag
Kis-My-Ft2 de Show 2009 Clearfile
Kis-My-Ft2 de Show Vol.3 Clearfile

Shop Photos http://j-kpop-shop.weebly.com/official-and-unofficial-photos.html
$4/each. Buy 10-19pcs for $3.5 each; 20pcs or more for $3 each

Unofficial Goods

Adjustable Rings (Silver) for $9.70 each - Jin / Ueda / Kame
Earrings (1 Earring only) for $8.50 each - Kame / Yamapi / Jin / Toma

Non-JE Artists

Scandal Pin Heel Surfer CD with Pin Badge
Scandal Queens are Trumps
Morning Musume Ona to Otoko no Lullaby Game
AKB48 Manatsu no Sounds Good CD+DVD with mini uchiwa
AKB48 Clearfile
AKB48 Eye-Ai Magazine
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