jennica567 (jennica567) wrote in garagesalejapan,

VIDEO GAME TEACHER: Donations of SHOJO BEAT / SHONEN JUMP magazines for classroom?

Hoping to find someone who has SHOJO BEAT or SHONEN JUMP volumes that they no longer read and would like to donate them to my classroom library.
(Added a side note even though I doubt anyone would -- but since I teach video game design if anyone has any video games they wouldn't mind donating that would be AWESOME too since our classroom game library is countable on only one hand!)

I teach video game design and my students would love to have some manga for reading and character design study purposes, but I really cannot afford to put more money than I already do into my classroom.

If someone would like to donate some of their magazine volumes for my students, or even individual manga volumes, I'd be happy to pay the media mail shipping and would be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

(Hoping to receive issues/volumes in bulk to cost the least amount for shipping purposes out of my pocket for the kids // would also LOVE game donations of ANY sort since we only have FIVE games in our classroom library currently ;___; )

Please contact me by PM or comment here. Hope to hear from you soon!
Tags: magazines, manga: english, video games, wanted

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