diva_avid (diva_avid) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTS: Seven Days 1&2 and Other Yaoi Mangas

Hi all,

I'm selling my yaoi collections, here's the list:

Seven Days Monday - Thursday $25 [Pre-loved] I prefer to sell as a set
Seven Days Thursday - Friday $25 [Pre-loved] I prefer to sell as a set
In These Words [Pre-loved] $25
Skyscrapers of Oz [Pre-loved] $15
Black Winged Love by Tomoko Yamashita $15
Hard Times / Deadlock Spin-off Novel $15 (Japanese) NEW
Antique Bakery 1-4 $35 [Pre-loved]
Cafe Kichijouji 1-3 $30 [Pre-loved]
Ludwig I $5 (yellowish)
His Favorite 1-4 $50 NEW

My Wish List:

Guilty 3: Redemption (English)

I'm open the trade for books from my private collections, please head here for my collections: http://diva-avid.livejournal.com/5210.html

Looking for Indonesia buyers / traders only, however if International buyer willing to pay for the shipping fees please contact me :)

Tags: manga: english

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